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v-Infra Europe was created with a main objective in mind : offer a high added-value expertise around the virtualization and cloud technologies to its customers. In an IT world that is quickly and fondamentaly changing, v-Infra want to play a role of trusted partner that will help to analyse, decide, design, implement and support your future IT Infrastructure and applications landscape. Strong of our v-Experts competences, we provide on-demand consultancy in then infrastructre technologies and topics of today. We also design and deliver fully managed IT infrastructure solutions that can integrate and complete your own infrastructure, in the cloud, on-premise, at every stages of your digital transformation process.

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  • Technical Solutions Design & Delivery
  • Coaching & Transformation
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If you need to complete your competences portofolio, our v-Experts can add their added value to your projects and resources teams. v-Consulting is the service where you can find the right expert in any IT infrastructure technologies and roles (Project Managers, Architects, Analysts, Engineers, …)


v-Infra develops and integrates multiple Infrastructure solutions that can be brought to you in a managed way. From VDIs to Infrastructure monitoring, by secured files exchange and collaboration platform, we can help you to add those technologies in your datacenters, and bring them to your end-users.


The new way to consume IT in a more than ever cloud oriented world become a real challenge for companies. With the v-Transformation services, v-Infra want to help you to find the best way to integrate your own infrastructure systems and applications with the Cloud, and keep it all under control in term of security, compliancy, costs, and more…

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